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Week 1... recap?

Courtesy of russellstreetreport.com

Let the 2018 season commence!... Well, maybe next week. The Bills were terrible against the Ravens. There's just not enough words to describe how awful this game was. Nathan Peterman is terrible and I've tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. He was definitely the best QB in the preseason and deserved to start but his preseason mojo disappears in the regular season. Coach McDermott has said Josh Allen isn't ready yet but if he's not better than Peterman at this point what does that say about Allen and the Bills ability to analyze talent?

Peterson has had 5 games now to show what he can and can't do. He just never shows us he can do anything. Heck, he can't even finish a game! His career stats are abysmal; 29 completions out of 67 attempts for 276 yards while throwing 2 touchdowns and 7 interceptions. His passer rating after week 1 this year is 0.0. Josh Allen didn't look much better after getting thrown into a game down 40. His stat line was still better than Peterman's but Allen was playing second and third stringers by the time he came in and still couldn't move the ball during two quarters of garbage time.

Meanwhile, Bills fans watched Sam Darnell - a rookie who was given the starting job ahead of two veteran QB's - go out on Monday night and lead his team to victory. His stats didn't blow anyone away and actually looked pretty typical of a Bills QB; 16 of 21 for 198 with 2 TD's and 1 Int. The difference being he made throws when it counted, had an offensive line that blocked, wide receivers who can get open and a defense that made plays. Allen did have a touchdown dropped by Kelvin Benjamin and a few drops and miscues with receivers. The defense that was suppose to at least be able to cover receivers did a terrible job. It's obvious that Sam Darnell has the better situation than Josh Allen does which is why I want Allen to sit all season until the Bills get him the tools to make him successful.

So who's to blame for this? The players? The coaches? The General Manager? Bills management seemed to have a strong focus on the defense in the off-season and did very little to add talent to the offense. The Bills lost 3 starting lineman from last year. Eric Wood was loss to a career ending injury, Richie Incognito to crazy town and Cordy Glenn in a trade to move up to take Allen. Their depth guys moved up to starters and they never back filled the depth. The only free agent move they made was to get Russell Bodine from the Bengals who was ranked one of the worst centers in football. The Bills focused on cutting dead weight and contracts racking up a whopping 50 million in dead cap money this year. That's more than twice the amount of the next team sitting at around 26 million in dead cap space. I think even Rex Ryan is getting a check from the Bills this year for doing nothing!

Courtesy of russellstreetreport.com. The Bills First First down came in the 3rd quarter on a McCoy run

Okay, so now its time to address the game which will be quick since we didn't even get a first down in the first half. The Bills had a chance to try a hail mary play at the end of the first half but instead opted for a 3 yard out to run out the clock. The Bills did have a chance to score in the third quarter, but got knocked out of scoring position and chose to kick a field goal even though they were down 40 points. The Bills defense almost had a turn over on a botched snap that 2 Bills couldn't handle recovering. Marcus Murphy was one of the few bright spots as he out rushed McCoy for the game and looked quicker and more decisive. Zay Jones led the receiving corps and Kelvin Benjamin showed we still need a number one receiver. Tremaine Edmunds made some nice plays. Watching him in coverage was impressive as he could stay with wide receivers, tight ends and running backs. He even had a few pass break ups.

Well Bills fans, the good news is this can't get any worse. Next week the Bills face the Charges led by one of the best QB's in football, who throws the ball all over the field. Coming off a 400 plus yard performance in their loss to the Chiefs. The Chargers will be looking for redemption and if the Bills can't figure fix their pass defense we'll be looking at calling this one at half time as well. Keep that chin up Bills fans! At least the drought is over.

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