• Jason Sins

Dear Mr. Pegula, Please Fire Someone

So after yesterday's heartbreak against the Raiders, and with the reality of 15 years without the playoffs still sinking in, it's time for an Editorial. Some of you may agree with what I write here today, some of you may not (don't care). Either way it's time that we ask Terry Pegula to do the following.

  1. Fire Nathaniel Hackett! - I for one have had enough, he is obviously not NFL ready (no matter what Chris Simms of CBS thinks). The 13 yards they gained on 13 rushing attempts is one of their worst performances in their fifty plus years of existence, hell even a 5-year-old (my son) knows that sucks. I have nothing personal against Nate, maybe he's a really nice guy, but the facts are staring you in the face. His offense has never ranked higher than 18th in Total Offense (2013), he took one of the best rushing attacks in 2013 (2nd in rushing yards per game) and mismanaged it terribly in 2014 (25th with one game left). Throw in that EJ has never progressed under him, and what has Nate done for you? Get rid of him!

  2. Let EJ start next week - This is a big deal for me, you spent a first round pick on him in 2013. Let's see if he has learned anything sitting behind Orton. In reality Kyle has been the serviceable backup he's been with other NFL teams, but is he a starting quarterback in the NFL? Hell NO! The 40.3 QBR rating is proof! Let EJ play and let's see if we have any reason to move forward with him, or if we have to figure out a realistic move this offseason to bolster the QB position.

  3. Explain to Doug Marrone that we need to win games, NOT FIELD POSITION - I like Doug Marrone actually, I can see us making the playoffs with him. I don't like his stubbornness (Mike Williams), or loyalty to certain people (Nate Hackett). But the fact is we have progressed under him, he just needs to take a chance on 4th and short more often. I'm not asking for him to go for it on 4th and 10 at our 20 midway through the first quarter, but when you are on the road and winning is the only thing that can get you to the playoffs, do yourself a favor and MAN UP!

  4. Hire a solid offensive line coach - What happened to these guys? Seantrel Henderson looked absolutely lost out there yesterday. Pat Morris has got to go, there's no excuse to how bad they have been this year. They rank 26th in Efficiency, and have shown no growth whatsoever. If anything Cordy Glenn has regressed this year, and what's the deal with Kouandijo? He certainly hasn't warranted a high 2nd round pick!

  5. Sign Hughes and Dareus Please! - That's pretty simple just sign them!

So there you have it Mr. Pegula. I hope this has been a wake up call for you, if not I understand. We're used to saying "There's always next year".

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