• Jason Sins

Buffalo's "We Can Do It" Attitude!

In just under three years the Queen City has seen a rejuvenation of somewhat amazing proportions, and not just the brick and mortar kind. Yes it seems that a new development is popping up almost every other day, the city landscape is changing at an almost comical speed (if you compare this to the last 40 years). That fear in Buffalo that "we would somehow screw up anything" (Main Place Mall, Tolls, etc...), or "we can't get that done" (Peace Bridge, New Stadium), has given way to "how can we get this done"!

Projects such as Delaware North's Uniland project on Delaware and Chippewa are almost completed, and will alter the Buffalo. In the next year projects such as Hotel Henry (Richardson Complex), Downtown Grocery Store, Uniland's Development Project at Chippewa and Delaware, Solar City, a revamped Niagara Street, and a host of other things will be popping up all over the Downtown and surrounding areas. The time of "woe is me" is over for local residents that have lived in Buffalo, or Western New York all their lives. This influx of people from not just America, but all over this vast world, has given us a "can do spirit". It's more refreshing than this writer could have ever hoped for.

This does not come without its detractors though, and to those I say "let us enjoy the hard work of the last few years". Most are well aware that much of the city's future will hinge on jobs! Not just construction but Medical, Manufacturing, and Technology driven. Of the three, the Manufacturing jobs, will be the most crucial to really changing the whole landscape of the city of Buffalo. These jobs have the potential to be some of the top manufacturing jobs in not just this state but in all of America. Solar City has the potential to be the serious game changer. We've heard the issues with them as well, certain lawsuits, justice department probes, but I would like to point out that industries such as Natural Gas, Coal and Oil companies have had their fair share of lawsuits, and probes by the justice department. These jobs could have the power revitalize a component that has been sorely lacking in Buffalo since Bethlehem Steel, shuttered it's doors.

One other thing strikes me as I write this. I'm really amazed that we have finally embraced the Lake and are now making Buffalo a tourist attraction. In my early twenties I waited years to see Buffalo do something with the one resource that sets it apart from so many areas. I mean we sit on a freaking beautiful freshwater lake, but it's taken until now to market the idea to people. I'm certainly glad that it's being done, but I certainly feel some sour grapes. It's taken my lifetime (36 years) for this city to get its act together, or more importantly its key players to come on board, and actually agree upon something. Either way, I'm glad that Buffalo finally has a "Can Do Attitude"!

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