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33 Ways Buffalo Handles Snow Days

Living in Buffalo we are sure to get one thing every year; snow days! Kids love them, parents hate them because it causes you to take a personal day too, but there's no denying how magical they can be. But what to do on the days it's too cold or snow or both to actually go somewhere? Luckily we have 33 ideas to help you manage those snow days!

1: If you have kids, the best part about a snow day for them is the break from routine. No school to huge to them so let them do something out of the norm. How about stay in their PJ's and build a blanket fort to watch their favorite show or movie in?

2: Make a fun easy snack for the kids. Whether its pizza bagels, Grilled cheese in different shapes using cookie cut outs, rice krispy treats or just bread and miracle whip (Hey don't judge until that's all you have in your fridge!). Kids will dig having something different and let them help too.

3: Board games. They aren't called board games because they are played on a "board" it's because you have to be really board to want to play them. Use the Snow Day to take a break from tech and go old school. I still have the electronic battleship i got as a kid in 1991 and it still works - enter... letter... number... fire!

4: Make an art project. Maybe you bought those handprint kits, or just have some printer paper and paints at home. Pass the time, let the kids have fun, and you get a piece of art work to cherish for a lifetime... If the end product actually comes out!

5: I made some molds of my kids hands one year. Buying the items separately I saved money but i also got a ton of it. The kids and I had a blast making molds of things around the house. Tried a dog paw but he wouldn't hold still but the GI Joes, and other action figures, our faces, hands and feet came out good. I finally found use for stuff that was sitting around for a while and it took us about 4 hours.

6: If snow's the problem and not sub zero Antarctic like temps then send the kids outside! I had the best memories of playing outside in the snow all day long and your kids will too. I use the snow blower to pile it up in the front yard even more and even make a few paths in the yard for them.

7: Time to reminisce. With today's technology everyone has about one million pictures and videos somewhere in the cloud. Stream them to your TV and get to watching.

8: If the kids are old enough and trustworthy enough have them help you organize your family pictures and videos. It'll make it way easier to find in 10 years. Depending on the digital content I break mine up by month and year. A simple right click on the photo will tell you the date it was taken as long as its an original and not a copy. I organize trips, events, remodels etc all by year and then the kids are organized by month and then by year. Once you get past the first 10,000 there's no stopping you!

9: One that may not be so fun is to clean. Use this time your entire family is home that's not a weekend and clean up. Might free up some extra time on the weekend for something you've wanted to do but haven't been able to.

10: If the roads are drivable then the sky's the limit. Take the kids to the Science Museum. It's an easy way to spend a few hours and making it educational. Plus if you buy a membership you get into other museums around the state and country for free or at a discount.

11: We will stick to the assumption you can leave you home for the next dozen or so. If the science museum isn't your thing, and it's not too cold out, try the Zoo. There's nothing like the Zoo in winter especially if it's snowing and you'll probably have the place to yourself.

12: Find a place to go ice skating. Inside or out, doesn't matter. Buffalo has plenty of rinks. Harbor center, the Canalside rink, fountain plaza, The north buffalo or Buff State rink. Most also have onsite rentals. Ice time can vary from $3 to $10 with an additional $3 to $5 for renting skates. Just where a lot of cushioning if you're terrible like me. Maybe grab an elders walker to help stabilize you.

13: Sledding. Doesn't matter where it is, sledding is always the best. Find a good hill and have at it.

14: If you really love snow, head to chestnut ridge and go tobogganing. Warning: you'll need your own toboggan. But they have some good sledding hills as well and maybe you or the kids can make a friend with someone who has one.

15: Got a dog? head out for a stroll. Most dogs love the snow. As long as the temps aren't as cold as planet hoth they'll appreciate the play time as well.

16: kids shoveling age? Put them to work! Take care of your elder neighbors and those who might have a hard time doing it.

17: Head to the Eastern Hills Mall. Though many anchor tenants left, they still have enough to stay busy for an hour or two. Head to Rockys, the toy store, grab some pizza, and sit for a $1 massage.

18: Looking for a little more glitz and glam? head to the galleria mall where literally every one of you needs could be met! Movies, Food Court, Games, Shops and more.

19: Head to the library. Yes, the Library. Buffalo has some great libraries. Take a break from tech and read a book! Trust me, its better than reading these 33 things!

20: If the Library isn't your thing, try Barnes and Nobles. Like a library, just have to be extra careful not to spill your latte on the $30 magazine you're skimming through.

21: Harbor Center. Take a stroll past the rinks, stop into Panorama on Seven to get a great view of Canalside from above. Hit up 716 or head over to Riverworks.

22: Check out a local brewery. Yes, a brewery! Many are kid friendly with games like corn hole and giant Jenga. You'll get to enjoy a cold one, and the kids will enjoy being a place they aren't quite sure they should be.

23: The TR site on Delaware Ave is a pretty cool history lesson on Teddy Roosevelt. (Check out the Podcast we did from there!)

24: Speaking of history, you can't forget about the Buffalo History museum. Not only an awesome building but another great source of history. It's easy to forget how vibrant and important Buffalo was just 100 short years ago and even up into the 60s. It's always cool to take a look back at where you've been and how it compares to where you're going.

25: Can't skate? No problem! Get an ice bike at Canalside!

26: Ok, so maybe science and history isn't your thing. Then check out the Art museum!

27: Many places in WNY have Planetariums now. Check to see if there's any that have things going on and take a look. Even just the laser light shows in the dark can be cool.

28: Ok so you don't like books, board games, breweries, restaurants, movies, technology, skating, sledding, museums, or history. Well then you can just stay home and listen to Buffalo's best podcast! The What's Going On In Buffalo Podcast! (Shameless plug I know)! but if you really don't like all those things then you probably wouldn't like podcasts either!

29: If you haven't seen Buffalo from the City Hall Observation deck then i suggest you make the trip. The best View of the City!

30: The North Park Theatre on Hertel usually starts showing movies around lunch time. Grab a bite to eat then head in and get war if there's something good playing. No reason to give the corporations your money when it can stay right here in Buffalo!

31: Look at that, almost done and I've barely struggled up to this point. So lets head back in. I usually spend 30 minutes or so googling answers for questions my kids have. Eventually we find a question I can expand up and turn it into a teaching lesson. When I was young I could get those from the History Channel, Discovery Channel or the Learning Channel. Unfortunately those tools are gone and your kids would be watching some ridiculous reality TV show about named people surviving in the wild, or some women who's obsessed with beauty pageants. This why I can control the content. Share information with them I know to be accurate. Best of all we all learn something in the process. Downside is they now always ask me to check with Google even If i'm giving them the correct answer!

32: If it's a Jimmy Griffin type storm, then just grab a 6 pack and chill. Unless your kids are under the age of 6 or 7, they should be able to find something to do all day while you relax with a cold one and watch some old reruns of Bugs Bunny.

33: If you made it this far, I commend you. Maybe you are taking some of my advice above and passing the time on a snow day reading this! The most important thing is to just enjoy it. Watch the snow, Bundle up, put on a movie, binge a show. It doesn't really matter because any break from the norm is special to all of us and all of us deserve that feeling we had as kids when we knew school was cancelled.

Thanks for reading!


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